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Family Editor Interface

Update: Family Editor Interface was added to the Featured App category! 

On 30 May 2016, Archilizer's first plugin got a place in the featured apps in the Revit Store. We are really happy with this fact and we hope that now the plugin will have the chance to reach and help even more people out there!


This is a special one for me because ...

26 MAY
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Cross-referencing Sheets and Views on Sheets

When managing projects of non-small sizes, one of the tedious routines that you are required to go through is to somehow match information that is part of the project's Sheet set and its View set. The idea of cross-referencing data between various elements is native for information management, yet Revit does not yet cover that aspect for us. Dynamo, however, does (so, in a ...

12 MAY
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Site Designer Review

Site Designer for Revit 2015/2016 R2 has been out for a while now. For those of you who may have had the chance to register its emergence and got quite excited by the beautiful video demonstrations out there (like I was) but haven't had the time or reason to give it a try themselves, here is what you might need to know.

Site Designer ...

06 MAY