BIM Management

With micro and small architectural studios in mind, our BIM Management service revolves around bringing you the latest industry standards in a sustainable and affordable fashion.

As the author William Gibson said: "The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed." For the last few years, the Construction Industry has seen a number of innovations. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is among the ones that changed the way we, as architects, approach our everyday work, giving BIM a sort of 'disruptive technology' status. And for a good reason.

While it may seem as though the jury is still out on whether BIM is a necessity, a useful but difficult tool to implement or a sheer luxury for architectural practices, in reality, the big leaders in our field already made the transition to BIM - despite the challenges. And while they were able to offset the issues that accompany the task of enforcing new practices in a big scale with hiring the right people in good numbers, that may not be the case for micro and small practices. On the flip side, the smaller the practice, the fewer machine parts there are to move.

Enter Archilizer. We have been doing Revit since 2009 and we have worked with many different companies along the way. We have followed the currents of the industry for years.

Now we are in the position to join your team for just the right amount of time, giving you the boost in expertise you need to make the transition to BIM yourself.

This is what we bring to the table:

  • Setting up office standards
  • Template files
  • Folder structure
  • Establishing procedures on coordination workflow - linking files and data
  • BEP (BIM Execution Plan)
  • EIR (Employer's Information Requirements)
  • COBie standards
  • NBS Create implementation
  • Navisworks coordination, Autodesk 360, Solibri
  • PAS 1192, BS 1192

If you find that relevant ot your current business needs or you need a quote, drop us a line and we will set up a meeting absolutely free of charge where we will hear you out and make our best to give you our professional advice, even if that means sending you to someone else. And don't forget - we only operate in the Great City of London!

Thank you for your time.

Revit Training

We understand that all our customers are unique and we tailor our approach to acknowledge that. We'd love to meet you and discuss your backround, the scope of your work and your ambitions. We strive to make our services as personalized as possible, give us a call and we will arrange everything for you - your first consultation with us is always free.

Our Training services are concerned with installing and enhancing your command of Revit. It can take the form of individual or group training sessions and is aimed at Architects who wish to pick up Revit quickly and effortlessly. In creating the best possible service for you, we will take into account factors such as your previous experience with Revit or similar BIM and/or CAD software packages, your aptitude of picking new material and perhaps your focus on a singular module of our training program (we look at you 'Parametric Components').

Here is a rough overview of what we can show you:

  • Interface
  • Geometry
  • Views and Sheets
  • Schedules
  • Annotations
  • Rooms and Areas
  • Families
  • Adaptive Components

Once again we have the individual customer in mind. If you are an architect who needs to get a fresh skill in his toolbox or a small team after the basics of efficient Revit collaboration, we are the right choice for you. And before you contact us, take a look at some other resources for (free) training.

Autodesk Design Academy is a great place to start teaching yourself the basic of Revit, or any other Autodesk Software for that matter. Autodesk offers free video tutorials for all levels of experience on a number of topics. And since it is their own resource of knowledge, you can count on its relevancy.

Yougotit! - it's Youtube! Revit has gathered a good amount of support from its community over the years and there are many informative and up-to-date videos on all sorts of topics. Also free and quite handy to get used to - no matter what pickle you find yourself in, a quick search in Google and Youtube can solve your problem.

If you are after some serious corporate training Excitech! are among the best and most ackowledged sources of everything Autodesk related - they not only provide excellent Software Training courses but are also the main supplier of Autodesk Product licences in the London area. Also, keep an eye for seminars, lectures and other events they organize - they have gathered an amazing team and the information they provide is cutting-edge.

There are many ways to learn a new skill and there is no cookie-cutter method of picking up a craft. Practice does make perfect and genuine interest in Revit will go a long way - while it can feel rough around the edges sometimes, it is an amazing tool for design, communication and documentation of architectural content. Watch our blog space for some more advanced tutorials and features.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anything that you do for more than a few times can and should be automated. Work smart - not hard.

Computational Design is something that we like and do. When we speak about computation in architecture, however, we sometimes forget that programming, coding, scripting or whatever you might call it, can be used to automate staple processes during our design stage. How would you like it if you never ever had to dimension your drawing at the end of an exhausting race with the deadline? That is entirely possible in ArchiCAD for example.

You can automate your way to more time and freedom from all the tedious time-wasting tasks. As a rule of thumb, if you find yourself evoking the same action for more than a few times in a row, then you can write a script for it. Having to rename 150 sheets because the client changed the name? This can be done in less then 5 minutes. The value comes from the fact that, once the script is created, you and everyone on your team can use that script forever.

A great example of this is Michael Kilkelly's ArchSmarter. He is one of the main proponents for Revit macros on the web and his blog spot is a great source of inspiration as well as handy macros - if you are interested at all in Development, make sure to check him out.

These are some of the things we do:

  • REVIT API (Custom Tools for Revit)
  • .NET Apps
  • C# scripts
  • Python
  • Dynamo
  • Grasshopper
  • Processing
  • Arduino

If you need ideas on automation and writing custom Revit plug-ins, give us a call and watch us shine - we love coding! We will also give you information about pricing structure, time and availability.

Hope to see you around!